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Family Child Care

The Registry Family Child Care Credential

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This credential is designed for family child care providers, or individuals seeking to become family child care providers, looking to increase their knowledge and skills in this unique occupation.


A family child care is a small business based out of a professional caregiver’s home that provides high quality care for a mixed-age group of children in a family-like setting. Through the four courses of this credential, students will examine the unique aspects of family child care with strong emphasis on the National Association for Family Child Care (NAFCC) Quality Standards and the Wisconsin Model Early Learning Standards.


Registry Credentials are offered by accredited higher education institutions located throughout Wisconsin. Call your local technical college or university for more information. The following is a list of colleges and universities throughout Wisconsin that offer this Credential:

Course Information:

Each course is three credits. The courses with a brief description of each are as follows:
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Course One: Curriculum for Family Child Care

This course surveys the unique aspects of planning curriculum for family child care settings. Inclusive strategies through play-based learning and observation and assessment techniques to promote child outcomes will be examined. This class is aligned with the Wisconsin Model Early Learning Standards and the National Association for Family Child Care Quality Standards.

Course Two: Special Topics in Family Child Care

Students will explore special topics relevant to the family child care setting in this class. Topics include quality standards, professional development, community resources, health and wellness practices and family partnerships.

Course Three: Financial Management and Planning

This course develops principles of sound financial management and the ability to apply those principles to the financial planning and management of early childhood programs and family child care programs.

Course Four: Capstone Course – Family Child Care Credential

This capstone experience reflects the learner’s knowledge of family child care through the development of a major project. The project will demonstrate competency in the specific concepts and skills of family child care including mixed-age curriculum, quality standards, professional development, community resources, health and wellness practices, family partnerships, and financial management. Prerequisites: Courses 1 through 3 of the Family Child Care Credential course sequence.