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Healthy By Design

Healthy by Design

This initiative is designed to encourage a new, higher standard of health and wellness. By establishing guidelines for those sponsoring events, attendees can be assured that their physical comfort and well being, as well as their environmental concerns are being taken seriously.

To Qualify for the Healthy By Design endorsement

While no two events are exactly the same, there are five health standards that must be met for an event to be recognized as Healthy By Design. Embracing these standards symbolizes commitment by a training sponsor to the health of trainers and attendees.

  1. Safety Sense
    At a Healthy By Design event the location has been given a safety once-over. Cords that could cause someone to trip are taped or put up, adequate lighting is provided, and chairs are stable and sturdy. As much as possible, the potential for illness or injury at your event location is reduced.
  2. Nutrition
    If the event is catered or offers food, the menu and portion sizes follow nutritional guidelines.
    Check out the Dietary Guidelines
  3. Physical Activity
    In today’s world too often we find ourselves stuck in front of a computer. Healthy By Design understands that you can’t always go for a walk outside. However, movement is incorporated into all events to keep you awake, comfortable and positive.
  4. Environmental Stewardship
    As little as possible will end up in the landfill from a Healthy By Design event. Creative and effective ways to reduce, reuse, renew, and recycle have been incorporated into the event, such as re-usable cups or glasses or dinnerware. Papers and documents should be recycled as per state recycling laws.
  5. Prevention and Overall Wellness
    Information and services, if possible, will be made available to all attendees. This can range from on-site Flu inoculation to brochures about cardiovascular and pulmonary healthy. Public Service Announcements such as hand washing procedures and other relevant topics can be placed throughout the facility. Other activities like relaxation techniques or meditation might also be employed. And don’t forget the power of humor!

Certified Healthy

For an event to become certified Healthy By Design, it must meet the above criteria. The event will be marked as “Healthy By Design” in the online listing. Look for the Healthy By Design logo or this certificate posted at the event.

*Concept used with permission by the Montana Healthy by Design team.